Our Mission Statement

We provide enduring tools and principles based on Real World corporate and military experience.

Our Vision

We create “WINNING” environments based on Collaboration, Robust Communication, Candor and Inclusivity. 

Our Operating Principles

  • We are open and honest with one another.
  • We never initially constrain ourselves.  
  • We treat each other with dignity and respect.  
  • We listen to and respect each other’s ideas and opinions. 
  • We hold confidences. 
  • We honor our commitments.  
  • We support and invest in each other’s development.
  • We have fun. 

Our Values

  • Create Mutually-Beneficial Relationships
    • Enrich/enhance/deepen
    • Listen, respect, and value diversity
    • Build long-term relationships of trust
  • Commitment and Accountability
    • Achieve profitable growth
    • Celebrate our successes
    • Do the right thing, every time
  • Learning and Development
    • Constant development of our capabilities and talents
    • Create opportunities for career growth
    • Participate in our professional organizations
  • Excellence in All We Do
    • Enhance quality and sustainability
    • Deliver innovative solutions
    • Encourage new ideas and diverse ways of thinking

Service and Membership