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What We Do

Facing an unprecedented speed of change, leaders today are challenged more than ever with managing bottom line-impacting organizational issues to accomplish rapid and optimal performance in the moment, while still developing and retaining talented employees for the future.

We bring substantial experience and education, both in business operations and in the release of human potential, to design and implement practical strategies, processes, and tools for:

  • Developing leaders and increasing leadership capacity
  • Creating peak performing teams
  • Guiding creation of a powerful organizational culture
  • Devising coordinated, practical organizational development strategies 


Our Solutions

Leader Development

Steeped in a combined six decades of research, practical know-how and combat, Force Multiplier Leadership Consulting's coaching helps leaders master new attitudes and behaviors that drive business results. Our core leadership programs build the most critical skills for success at each level of leadership. We strive to create programs that are deeply personal and customized to each learner. 

Executive Coaching

Leadership is a quality necessary for anyone who has to accomplish objectives with and through people. No other aspect of organizational life is more discussed–and maligned–than leadership. Some leaders are gifted with a high degree of technical expertise, but are challenged in some aspect of their working relationship with employees on their team. We work with leaders to identify their leadership strengths, as well as their opportunities to become even more effective in their leadership roles. 

Retreat Facilitation

Leadership retreats that are well planned have fun activities, opportunities for authentic communication and moments for challenging existing paradigms. In contrast, a poorly planned retreat can increase cynicism and do more harm than good. That is why clients utilize our expertise. We assist in the planning and  execution of retreats and can ensure that the return on investment in both time and energy will be great.

Team Building

Force Multiplier Consulting has pioneered the building of effective teams by providing innovative self-change programs. These programs are designed to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own personal change from the “inside out”, and to apply their team-based learning to drive real organizational change that ends in tangible results.

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