What We Do


Force Multiplier Talent was founded with a desire and passion to assist transitioning service member in their pursuit of private sector employment.  Since our founding, we have expanded our capabilities to identify and recruit industry-experienced top talent for leadership, managerial and technical positions across the globe.

Not only do we connect qualified candidates to compatible opportunities, we coach, train and mentor them for a successful military to private sector transition. We are able to accomplish a seamless transition for our candidates by employing over 60 years of collective military and corporate recruiting, operations management and leader development experience.

Throughout the coach, train, mentor process, we implement the same five core intangibles into our candidates that we strive to cultivate in ourselves: Leadership, Communication, Discipline, Integrity, Work Ethic and Teamwork. Our coach, train, mentor process provides individual focus and personal attention in regards to matching clients and candidates. This process continues to produce consistent and outstanding results. 

Whether we are placing a potential CEO or assisting in a junior military officer transition, we intent to exceed expectations for both our candidate and client.

Our military transition candidates represent the very best of the U.S. Military. They have served our country. Now they are ready serve the private sector with their talents, skills and abilities to improve your organizations productivity, safety, efficiency and bottom line.

Who We Service

Retiring Senior NCO's


The Non-Commissioned Officers and Technicians we place are high-potential, hands-on and accomplished leaders. They possess many of the same qualities and attributes that you have come to expect from their Junior Military Officer counterparts. These attributes include: a strong work ethic, excellent people skills, integrity and team-building abilities.

In addition to the skills listed above, our Non-Commissioned Officers and Technicians are subject matter experts in topics ranging from electronics, machining, control systems, communications to computer technology and network infrastructure. Their expertise makes them great candidates for:

• Manufacturing / Quality / Process Engineer

• Distribution Transportation Supervisor

• Maintenance Supervisor

• Operations / Manufacturing Supervisor

• Power Plant Operator and SRO

Junior Military Officer's


Junior Military Officer candidates have been hand-selected from a large pool of JMOs who are about to separate from the military.  All JMOs have a college degrees, demonstrated leadership ability and are seeking career positions with companies like yours. They are mature, energetic, hardworking and proven leaders.

With extensive supervisory and leadership training and experience, our JMOs have proven to be exceptional employees in a wide variety of fields, including engineering, maintenance, production, distribution, sales, and general management.

Junior Military Officers are often outstanding candidates for many positions, including:

• Manufacturing / Quality / Process Engineer

• Project Engineer / Project Manager

• Sales Representative

• Distribution / Transportation Supervisor

• Maintenance Supervisor

• Operations / Manufacturing Supervisor

Retiring Senior Officer's


Our Senior Military Officer candidates are field-grade officers in the military who are transitioning off of active duty service. These candidates have significant leadership experience in mid-level and senior-level positions within the military. They have a proven track record of success and are excellent candidates for senior leadership roles, including:

• Business Development Director

• Consulting Program Manager

• Director of Programs (Land and Air Systems)

• Engineering Manager

• Global Research Manager – Defense Programs

• Production Manager

• Program Manager

• Senior Military Analyst

• Senior Test Engineer

• Six Sigma Black Belt

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